WeebComic Series

Issue #1 — The 2,889

Under the moonlight, a trading caravan is beginning its northward journey to Castle Black Rock when suddenly the air is filled with the sounds of ungodly moaning and screeching. The traders move swiftly and silently to escape the area unscathed, sending word of their encounter to the castle.
Alexander, the head of Castle Black Rock’s military operations, acts quickly, dispatching an army of 2,889 Weebs to investigate the noise.
With the Weebs away, Princess Orisa grows restless. Plagued by haunting visions and ear-shattering screaming, she knows the worst is yet to come.
After three nights with no word from the Weebs, Orisa pleads with Alexander to do something. Fearing a Goblin ambush, Alexander orders a rescue mission of an additional 7,111 Weebs to be dispatched by morning.
Dawn breaks as the search and rescue team begin its march south — leaving Castle Black Rock defenseless.
It isn’t long before Goblin Intelligence discovers Castle Black Rock’s vulnerability and prepares their siege, marching towards the Capitol City.
To be continued...

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